Sunday, August 25, 2019

New Stance

I mounted the front clip as high as I could to get the frontend down. Can't go too high or the motor won't fit under the dog house. So from this point I will probably order a set of 2" drop spindles. That is the beauty of having an S10 frontend now, there are plenty of aftermarket parts.

S10 frontend swap

The Metro Mite is what they considered to be Unibody. There are 2 thin straight "C" channel frame rails that run the distance of the truck and they are welded to the floor to give them strength. Right about at the front steps there is a heavier "sub frame" setup that bolts in. I removed that subframe and cut the S10 frame at the closest distance to fitting inside the Metro frame. After clearing everything out I mocked up the S10 front clip where I need it. I will go back later and weld in 4" square heavy rails to tie the front clip to the rear frame. Then I will box the C channel frame from there back for added strength.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

S10 Rearend swap

Today I picked up a super clean 1987 S10 frame from Rockford, IL. Shortly after getting it back to the shop I pulled the original rearend out of my Metro Mite and swapped it for the rearend out of the S10. Switching the rearend from the original position of below the leaf springs to above instantly dropped the KandyVan about 3". Now I plan to go with a triangulated 4 link setup in the rear, but for now it is hooked up to the original leaf springs and able to roll around. Eventually I will order a set of rims and the backspace is perfect, allowing me to run a 2" wider rim and tire setup.
Tomorrow I will start to tackle the frontend.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back at this thing! Pulled the original Am80 4 cyl motor and 3 speed manual trans. Locked down a 1989 S10 frame that I am picking up this weekend. The plan is to just hang the S10 rearend over the stock leaf springs for now(I'll probably be doing a triangulated 4 link setup eventually), and deciding where to cut the S10 frontend to weld in a sub frame setup.